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Aerial Advertising

airplane banner towing

1 - Aerial Letter Banners

Aerial Banner Towing is an eye-catching that conveys messages of personal thoughts of love, appreciation or even wishes to that special someone. The most memorable of Happy Birthdays and, why not, a unique wedding proposal, with the use of a banner up in the air tailed by an airplane.

Airborne text messages will be customizable using large and brightly colored letter cutouts, especially designed for enhanced optimal visibility.

aerial advertising

2 - Aerial Logo Boards

Aerial Logo board advertising is the paramount mean for building your business’ brand awareness and effectively marketing it.

This process involves displaying your company logo, motto and advertising message, in a full-color presentation to your widest target audience, in a way they’ll never forget.

Aerial advertising gives you the means to show photos or personalized graphics, in addition to the memorable graphic, they associate the special offer spelled out in letters behind.

Beirut Wings’ aerial advertising is Lebanon’s only aerial advertising facility and our boards guarantee the attention your brand deserves.

Get seen like never before with Aerial Advertising!


3 - Aerial Photography

Beirut wings photography is solely dedicated to the art of aerial imagery. We will dispatch an airplane for higher altitude projects. We use a variety of high wing Cessna aircraft, allowing us to take photos anywhere from 200ft and above.
Beirut Wings uses the latest digital camera technology to ensure the best quality imagery at high resolution.
Applications for this service include panoramic photos, aerial video, architectural planning, construction progress photos, real estate marketing, advertising, catalogs, brochures, labeling, enhancing, photo editing, personal use and much more.
In order to achieve efficient Aerial Photography, Beirut Wings is the only organization capable of providing the requirements of extreme close-up overviews. The final photos will be saved for you on digital CDs for optimal resolution and long-term conservation.
We set the standards high for exceptional aerial photography in order to always satisfy all of your business and personal needs.
Images can be used for brochures, websites, posters, prints, project completion aerial photos, Site Surveys, etc. Videos can be used for commercials, tradeshow videos, website videos, etc. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or to order a banner tow!  Want to visit us? get directions