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Project Information

ICAO language proficiency made easy

From pilots for pilots


Together with your examiner you will first work through some verbal questions. You will describe 2 pictures and listen to ATC transmissions. Finally, you will have a 15-minute free conversation with your examiner.


Take your ICAO Language Proficiency Test ONLINE with us! No matter if you are a student pilot, a private pilot or commercial aircrew: all you need is a stable internet connection and a camera.

Beirut Wings FTO

Here at Beirut Wings, we have created a straightforward process from booking to result. Appointments are available at short notice and a webcam exam via Zoom allows you to take your ICAO language proficiency test quickly and from our office at the airport. 

All of our examiners are professional commercial pilots and that is what we have developed our tests to ensure a professional, relaxed atmosphere amongst fellow pilots is achieved.
Our ICAO language proficiency exams are performed with a first and then a second examiner so your new language level is accepted without any complications.

To make sure you are prepared, we have put together comprehensive material so that you can reach your full potential.

From pilots for pilots: our innovative and practical approach ensures maximum efficiency and flexibility. No travelling to appointments at your local airport or CAA required – you can complete the entire ICAO language proficiency test with our examiners online. Take a look at each step towards your next level of language proficiency!

ELP Process:

  1. Take your English Language Proficiency Test. Your test will be a Zoom session.
  2. Test:
    • PRO: 18 questions + 15-minute open interview = 40 minute Language
    • BASIC: 12 questions + 10-minute open interview = 30 minute total.
  3. Grading by second level examiner: A second level examiner will listen to the recorded audio file of your exam and assigns the respective language proficiency level. The recording of the exam is required by the authorities. Your grading normally takes not more than 48 hours.
  4. Submit your language certificate to your CAA: We will send your new language certificate via email. Submit this certificate to your CAA who will enter the new level into your pilot license.
  5. Congratulations! You have reached your new ICAO Language Proficiency Level!