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Soar through the skies with our qualified experienced pilots and marvel an eagle-eye view of the awesome panorama of Lebanon, the enchanted scenery that can only be truly appreciated from above.

Take-off from Rafic Hariri International Airport for the adventure of a life time that enables you to set eyes on the incredible coastline and the lavish mountains of Lebanon.

Our high-Wing Cessna aircraft ensures that each passenger has a window seat and an excellent clear and undisrupted view. Whichever itinerary you select from our wide variety, your pilot will point out interesting landmarks and guide you in the discovery of new features to observe, all along through noise-proof stereo-sound headphones, provided for your comfort.

Each of our aircrafts can accommodate up to three passengers for aerial excursions. Enjoy the low-flying views from above, comfortable in the aircraft leather seats, and capture the moments for a truly memorable experience.

All flights are subject to Air Traffic Control and weather restrictions effective on the selected date and time of your flight. Any flight cancelled due to adverse weather conditions can easily be re-booked.

Many of Beirut Wings’ Sightseeing Tours can be offered as a gift voucher, making them an ideal and unusual present for birthday or anniversary occasions.

Route of Flight

Note: All routes depart from and returns to Rafic Hariri Intl Airport.
Destination: Jounieh
Route: Seashore to Dora Bay, Jounieh Bay
Time: Approximately 35min
Price : 290 USD
Destination: Chekka
Route: Seashore to Dora Bay, Jounieh Bay, Jbeil, Amchit, Chekka
Time: Approximately 55min
Price : 390 USD
Destination: Rayak Airport
Route: Chouwayfat, Aley, Dahr Al Baydar, Zahle,
Rayak Airport
Time: Approximately 1hr
Price : 400 USD
Destination: Chouf Mountain
Route: Khalde, Chehar, Bayt El Din, Mokhtara, Al Barouk Cedars, Al Mdayrej, Bremena, Dora
Time: Approximately 1hr
Price : 420 USD
Destination: Faraya
Route: Seashore to Dora Bay, Jounieh Bay,
Time: Approximately 1hr 10min
Price : 450 USD
Destination: Tripoli
Route: Seashore to Dora Bay, Jounieh Bay, Jbeil, Chekka,
Time: Approximately 1hr 10min
Price : 449 USD
Destination: Qlayate Airport
Route: Seashore to Dora Bay, Jounieh Bay, Jbeil, Chekka, Tripoli, Qlayate Airport
Time: Approximately 1hr 30min
Price : 570 USD
Destination: Cedars
Route: Seashore to Dora Bay, Jounieh Bay, Jbeil, Amchit, Chekka, Tripoli, Cedars
Time: Approximately 1hr 35min
Price : 590 USD
Note: Kindly Complete and Submit one application for Each person attending the flight. The aircraft used for the flight can occupy up to 3 Passengers.