Multi Engine Rating – Aeroplanes

Flying a multi-engine aircraft presents new challenges to the pilot. Not only are there two engines to manage but also being in control of an aircraft with a much higher performance. This entails increased requirements for responsibility, skills and care.

General requirements for a Multi-Engine Rating:

  1. Age – An applicant shall be a minimum of eighteen years of age.
  2. Medical Fitness – An applicant shall hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate.
  3. Certificates – An applicant shall hold at least a current Private Pilot License.

Multi-Engine Rating curriculum:

  1. Knowledge – An applicant will complete a course that includes a minimum of 10 hours technical ground school.
  2. Experience – An applicant will complete a minimum of 5 hours flight time in a Multi-Engine aeroplane.

Multi Engine Rating Ground Stages

STAGE I Exploring the ME rating, Human factors and normal operations
STAGE II Aircraft systems, weight and balance and determining the performance
STAGE III Multi-engine aerodynamics and maneuvers/procedures
STAGE IV Engine out aerodynamics and operations
STAGE V Operating on instrument

Multi Engine Rating Flight Stages

STAGE I Introduction to multi-engine
STAGE II Slow flight, stalls and steep turn
STAGE III Introduce single engine operation
STAGE IV Drag demo and Vmc demo
STAGE V Engine out operations
STAGE VI Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings
STAGE VII Short field takeoffs and landings
STAGE VIII Single engine landings, aborted takeoffs
STAGE IX Instrument review
STAGE X Single engine instrument approach
STAGE XI Night flight
STAGE XII Day cross-country
STAGE XIII Night cross-country
STAGE XIV Long cross-country
STAGE XV Review, Preparation for Practical Test

Multi Engine Rating – Course Break-up:

Type of Training (Ground) Hours
Flight Briefings (Pre-post briefings) 5
Ground Courses 10
Total Ground 15
Type of Training (Flight) Hours
Aircraft – Dual (PA-44) 5
Total Flight 5


Training – Piper PA-44

Fees Break-up Hours Price/
Hour (USD)
Total (USD)
Registration 500
Flight Training Material 750
Annual Beirut Intl airport security gate pass 150
*Ground Courses 10.0 1625
Aircraft – Dual 5.0 700 3500
Pre/Post Briefings 5.0 25 125
Flight Test 1.0 600 600
LCAA Examiner Fees 300
LCAA Rating Fees 150
Total Fees  7.700

*The Ground Training is based on the student attending the school, at the scheduled time. Make up lessons for any missed ground training will be held on a one-on-one basis and at an additional ground instruction rate.

Additional Costs

Fees Break-up Price/Hour (USD)
Hourly rate for additional flight instruction in a PA-44 700
Hourly rate for additional ground instruction (one-on-one) 100
Hourly rate for additional pre-post flight briefings 25


  • The hours provided for the Tuition above are the minimum course requirement. According to the overall performance and progress of the pilot additional instruction may be required to meet the proficiency standards required to satisfactorily complete the Multi Engine Rating Program. The number of additional hours will be determined by the Flight Instructor.
  • The Fees may be adjusted without prior notice by Beirut Wings management in the event of unforeseen cost escalation, including but not limited to, rapidly rising fuel costs or increased aircraft flying costs.
  • Flight Training Material cost is based on mandatory items needed to complete the course.